Supernatural Infographic: Breaking Down Sam and Dean’s Many, Many Deaths [X]

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Time to start the ribbing and finish the body #rockycoast #rhinebeck

Time to start the ribbing and finish the body #rockycoast #rhinebeck

Daily Show correspondent Michael Che tries to find a safe place to report from.

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So, once upon a time I said, “If you can’t tell Captain America what you’re doing, you probably shouldn’t be doing it” and it inspired a poem by Catt Kingsgrave (aka theactualcluegirl​) which eventually led to this pre-release rough-draft single, The Ballad Of Captain America’s Disapproving Face (also available for listening here on SoundCloud). 

I guarantee you will never laugh this hard at any other song that opens with a riff on the Star Spangled Banner. Also there is, if I’m not mistaken, a kazoo cover of Star Spangled Man involved. 

Anyhow, Murder Ballads is working on an album, and if you like the song, consider throwing a few bucks their way to help get their album made.

(The accompanying image up there is by the astonishing Frogbillgo, but is not associated officially with the album.)

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Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to another level, while disrespecting their Captain. Not cool guys, it’s not your turn yet, be patient.

Shop update is live scoobies and Addams #etsy #midnightscribbles #1geek2craftall

Shop update is live scoobies and Addams #etsy #midnightscribbles #1geek2craftall


Kevin Hart. 

He just said it.

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